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Welcome to the definitive Welsh recipe site!

We’ve got sweet and savoury, cakes and pies, desserts, meals and more. Food to satisfy any Welsh heart – and stomach! From national classics to local curiosities, food from across Wales can be found right here.

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Our most popular recipes:

Welsh Leek and Goats’ Cheese Rarebit
Patagonia Cream Tart (Teisen Hufen Patagonia)
Boiled Cake (Teisen Ferw)
Laverbread Cakes (Teisennau Bara Lawr)
Traditional Moist Cake (Teisen Lap)

Authentic sources

Our aim is to provide standard traditional Welsh recipes from authentic sources – so that on any occasion you can spice up the day with your little bit of Wales. If you attempt a recipe, leave a comment or a rating so that we know how the cooking went.

Genuinely Welsh

“Gorau arf, arf dysg” says the old Welsh proverb: The best weapon is the weapon of learning. We’d like to think it applies to preparing food too.

Your contribution!

We’re adding to the site, so feel free to email us  if you’ve got a Welsh recipe you think should be on here.

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